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What data will be used?

Data donation: When donating your interaction data, we extract metadata (e.g. length and timestamp of message as well as pseudonyms of conversation participants) and no actual contents (e.g. message text or name of message sender). To ensure that, we anonymize your data on the user-side, meaning that your private data is anonymized locally and does not leave your device. This means that we will never see the content of your conversations. Before uploading, we will show you a preview of the data so that you can verify that it is sufficiently anonymous.

Questionnaires: You first fill out questionnaires about your demographic information. You can then carry out the data donation and receive feedback. Questionnaire data is also collected completely anonymously using LimeSurvey.

Example of an anonymized text message.

Example of an anonymized voice message.

What happens to my data?

Since we are not collecting any names or other person-specific information, we will not be able to associate you with your data once the study has been completed - the donated data is anonymous. This means that your data cannot be deleted on request.

The data and results of this study will be published in scientific journals. The published data will be anonymous, meaning that individuals cannot be identified. The fully anonymized data will be uploaded to a research data repository and qualified scientists will be granted access.

Project No.: 01IS20046